pkgsrc survival guide

Installing and updating pkgsrc

Configure `CVS`

Put the following lines in ~/.cvs.rc:</p>

checkout -P
update -dP
release -d
diff -upN
cvs -q -z3
rdiff -u

Fetch pkgsrc (stable branch)

$ cd /usr
$ cvs checkout -r pkgsrc-20xxQy -P pkgsrc

Skip the -r option to fetch the current branch.

Update pkgsrc

$ cd /usr/pkgsrc
$ cvs update -dP [-r pkgsrc-xxxxQx]

Manage binary packages


Configure the following environment variables:


Basic tasks

Install a package:

$ pkg_add <package>

Remove a package:

$ pkg_delete [-r] <package>

-r option removes all packages that require the package in question and the package itself.

Getting information about installed packages:

$ pkg_info

Check for package updates:

$ lintpkgsrc -i

Check for security vulnerabilities

Download the list of vulnerabilities:

$ pkg_admin fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities

Audit installed packages:

$ pkg_admin audit

Building packages from source

To fetch all the sources (all packages the choosen package depends on) before compiling the choosen package:

$ cd /package/directory
$ make fetch-list | sh

To build:

$ make

To install:

$ make install

To clean working files:

$ make clean

To clean working files of the package and all its dependencies:

$ make clean-depends

To install the binary version of a package:

$ make bin-install

To create a binary package after installing it:

$ make package

To update a yet installed package:

$ make update

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