Alessandro Dotti Contra

Linux/Unix DevOps

Curriculum vitae

This page contains a summary of my technical skills. For full details and a comprehensive list of my current and past experiences, my CV is available in both Italian and English languages.

Operating systems

Advanced knowledge of Linux systems (RedHat/Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Ubuntu), MacOS. Good knowledge of some BSD variants (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD). Good experience with high availability clusters and virtualization tools (KVM/qemu/libvirt, VirtualBox).


Daily usage of auditing tools for systems and networks. Practical experiences with firewalls configuration, system hardening and services security. Advanced knowledge of PKI management.


Strong knowledge of cabled and wireless networks, and tcp/ip protocols. Practical experiences in configuring and maintaining the following services: smtp/pop/imap, news, DNS, proxy, web, ftp, DBMS, files and printers sharing, directory services (LDAP), VPN.


Good experiences in databases design. Good knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Programming languages

C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Unix shell, XML, HTML/CSS, Javascript, SQL.

Development tools and frameworks

Daily usage of revision control systems (cvs, bazaar, git). Good knowledge of standard C/C++ and Cairo graphic libraries. Advanced knowledge of TemplateToolkit for web application development and jquery libraries (jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile...) for dynamic web interfaces. Good knowledge of RAILS.

Authoring tools

DocBook and Latex.

Application software

Good knowledge of office automation tools, DTP applications and computer graphic softwares.