Basic Samba share

This is a template configuration for a samba share. If you need to quickly share files between Windows, Linux or OSX clients it might be handy.

Please note that only the relevant options are listed; for a full and commented smb.conf file please refer to the official samba documentation.

    unix extensions = no
    path = /srv/shared/my_share
    writable = yes
    browseable = yes

    #only users of this group can access
    valid users = @developers

    #this will be the group of files and directories
    force group = developers

    #create directories with rwxrwx--- permissions
    directory mode = 0770

    #create files with rw-rw---- permissions
    create mask = 0660

The unix extensions parameters in the global section is needed because OSX 10.7 has the annoying habit of ignoring permission settings of the share configuration.