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Upgrade NetBSD from source

Disclaimer: I wrote these notes some time ago, and I haven't add the occasion to perform a system upgrade from sources since then. Thus, these information may be outdated and/or incomplete.

Backup data (/etc)

$ tar zcvf etc-3.0.tar.gz /etc

Prepare the directories (as root)

% mkdir /usr/src
% mkdir /usr/obj
% mkdir -p /usr/builds/i386
% mkdir -p /usr/releases/i386

Change the ownership of those directories to you user.

Get the sources

$ wget*.tgz

Unpack the sources

$ for file in *.tgz; do tar zxvf $file -C /; done

Build or update the crosscompiler

$ cd /usr/src
$ ./ -D /usr/builds/i386 -R /usr/releases/i386 -u -m i386 tools

Crosscompile the kernel

$ ./ -D /usr/builds/i386 -R /usr/releases/i386 -u \
  -m i386 kernel=GENERIC

Install the new kernel (as root)

% cd /
% mv netbsd netbsd-3.0
% cp /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/obj/GENERIC/netbsd .

Reboot the system.

Crosscompile the userland

$ -D /usr/builds/i386/ -R /usr/releases/i386/ -U -u -m i386 build

Install (as root)

% -D /usr/builds/i386/ -R /usr/releases/i386/ -U -u \
  -m i386 install=/

Review postinstall failed checks and fix things accordingly.

Update /etc (as root)

% /usr/sbin/etcupdate