Watches and Watchmaking

Quite recently I discovered this hobby. I found nice and relaxing playing with watches, and learning more about them is incredibly funny too. I'm also trying to improve my watchmaking skills, as I like a lot to get used or non functional pieces and try to bring them back to life.

These are some resources for you to browse:

Watches gallery

A picture gallery with some notes and details about my favorite timepieces.

View the gallery.

Custom watch dials

Some creativity applied to watchmaking. I love to make my own dials, and explore how to improve them using hobbist tools and materials.

Some dials I designed.

Self made watches

No, I'm not able at all to create my own mechanical watches. But I love to recycle spare parts and create my monsters. These are the noteworthy timepieces (the ones that still tick...)

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Handmade watch straps

After playing and hacking so many watches, I felt quite natural to start crafting my own watch straps. I love the look and feel of leather so, after a lot of experiments and prototypes, I came up with these.

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