Welcome to my corner on the web. As you may notice this site is under construction, and I guess it will always be under construction, but this is a different story.

Using this site

This site renders well in a terminal based browser (I use w3m but I am confident that any other browser of the same class will do the job); I kept things standard and tested the style sheet with google chrome. Anything else is simply not supported.

Browse the nicely formatted menu on the right side to have a quick overview of what I feel are the most relevant topics... the rest of this page is a not so serious presentation of myself.

About me

This is the story, in brief... I was born in 1972 in Bologna, Italy. Got a diploma in computer programming at the age of 18 and then decided to try to make my way as a musician, but I soon discovered that trying to make music in Italy is not a good way to pay the bills - unless you like to make songs about love and romantic stuff of course - so I decided to take advantage of my diploma and entered in the IT industry. I've been mainly working as a system administrator since then.

To satisfy the more creative part of my personality, I am currently co-owning a communication agency and love to do some amateur writing. To take care of my strong hacking attitude I am into watchmaking.

I use to relax playing chess and doing some other things...